Paper Copies. . .
Although the trend is to go paperless today, there are still times where a hard paper copy is required for review. IDP can provide digital or paper format duplication services allowing more flexibility to the customer's requirements.

CD Imaging. . .
Duplicated documents that are to be used for litigation purposes must be stored in a format that cannot be altered without leaving an electronic fingerprint. The two formats that have become most popular in the legal imaging industry are PDF and TIFF.

Portable Document Format (PDF)
Initially developed by Adobe to store legacy files for the United State Government the format has grown rapidly in popularity. Both in the fact that PDF files are easily transferred among different  platforms and in that they are "read only" and cannot be altered without leaving electronic footprints.

Many forms are available for download on the internet as PDF files. The IDP Order Form on this site is a PDF file.

PDF files are easily viewed and do not require any other software than a freely distributed Reader available from Adobe.

Files can also be streamed into a single file and viewed as sequential pages versus single images that have to be opened individually.

New features and upgrades are continually being made to PDF making them a de facto standard.

Tagged Image File Format (TIFF)
The strong points of TIFF are more in banding, titling and database integration. However, drawbacks are that they require higher technical expertise and knowledge to fully utilize and share on a network.

Sharing among different workstations is not as easily accomplished due to the need of having compatible viewers installed at all locations.

TIFF files tend to be larger even with CCITT Group 4 compression for image storage. Unless they are stored directly to an optical drive they can be altered without leaving electronic evidence of them being changed. It may not be a cost effective solution for legal document imaging when measured against other available technologies today.

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